We perform the same for the several web applications and the mobile apps too. This is the reason, our professional perspective leads our web design and development clients to us for the web support and maintenance service.

There is no matter whether we designed the website or not, our team investigates on the whole concept of the products or the services and assists our customers to sustain an effective and functional website. We Al Zam-Zam also keep a rigorous watch on the dangerous security threats that might distress your website and applications.

Some clients have been found to be refusing this concern, but must remember that any website could be a prospective target for the hacker. Hacker does not just target your website with the same repetitive scheme, every time they would come up with an alternate way to change the settings. So being furnished with an antivirus potentially ability of handling the previous known threats is simply not enough. Same as proceed for the compatibility factor as well. Outdated plug-in may not be able to allow you and your customers the best services. As declared earlier we keep investigation on the new updates and help your websites to remain the best and most protected one.